Sounds great...and great songwriting.”

— Ray Lamontagne


As a songwriter, Detroit's Mike Galbraith owes as much to the Replacements as he does Bob Dylan, to Nirvana as much as Neil Young, to Calvin & Hobbes as Ernest Hemingway. Simple truths and insightful storytelling mark modern tales, oft beset by booze and heartbreak. No fat. No feathers.

His unique voice sets him apart from other singer-songwriters. Come for the voice, stay for the stories. 

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'Size of California' named to The Alternate Root Magazine's Top Ten Songs of the Week for Dec. 13, 2017, and winner of CJAM-FM's Singles Club for September 2017.

"The richly poignant, refined folk and Americana of singer/songwriter Mike Galbraith. Galbraith's got a great voice and a lot of heavy, poetic lyrics to lay on ya; lots of melody, as well. He's a student of Dylan, of course, but he's also very attuned to the sort of emotional grit of the grunge era, so he kind of blends that in. He makes it fit more towards those disarming, unconventional troubadours, like maybe a Paul Westerberg. Or more Billy Bragg, minus the accent." -- Jeff Milo, WDET-FM

"Mike Galbraith’s influences blend modern country-tinged indie-rock acts like Wilco, along with rustled-and-tumbled blues-pop flavors of The Replacements. When Galbraith belts a bluesy note, the whole room feels it, with this gravelly timbre that plucks at the heartstrings, while his main collaborator James Anthony strums a sublime lead along the frets of an accompanying guitar." -- FADL Observer

"Where Mike’s writing shines is when he is standing there in butt naked vulnerability exposing darkness with a voice unafraid to make mistakes in vivid and colorful storytelling. Songs that actually allow us to see the song like a short film—like the same genius imagery of Springsteen, when the screen door slams and Mary’s dress sways. Like that. Galbraith’s writing is laden with visual imagery at every turn, in every song." -- Mary Byrnes, No More Free Drinks

"Galbraith has been performing his music around the expanse of SE Michigan. He's begun honing his sense for the quieting swoon of a last-call's bleary lullaby, or a bloodshot winter morning's melancholic pop poem, or a more vigorous, rock-tinged tussle. [...] He says he responds to the performers who go for it; who aren't afraid to get a little ugly with their voice, but also fall back into a realm of fragility. The singers who show you what their capable of... And that's just what Galbraith does on stage, often to stunning effect." -- Jeff Milo, Deep Cutz music blog

"A bit folky, a bit country; he’ll get you hooked with pretty, sad songs and story-telling lyrics." -- CW50 Detroit

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